Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Fairest of them All?? You Can Be!

-By Hertha J. Woodruff, A.M.L.S., M.A.

Introducing, Be Natural Organics – Joanne O’Donnell, President

It’s the holiday season and a busy time of the year.  I completed my three-part series of the Orchard Maple Family Dental Health and Nutrition blogs on the journey to ward off possible cancer.  I included the topics of pH, Wheatgrass, and the Green Smoothie, which began in September and ended, last month, in November.  You can still find these postings to read in the Health & Nutrition category of the blog on the left hand column.  I began my blogs in August.

So, I thought I would take a different path for the month of December.  Early in 2008, almost four years ago, I read an article about a West Bloomfield, Michigan, business woman, Joanne O’Donnell, in the West Bloomfield Beacon who was launching an organic, cosmetic line called Be Natural Organics.  I was in the market for healthier products for my skin, especially for my face.  I had read that our skin is our body’s largest organ that can absorb substances just like the food we consume and that we should be very careful about what we use on our skin.  I called Joanne O’Donnell and immediately began to use her products.  I have loved them from the very first application and the rest is history!

Joanne O’Donnell has a special laboratory with chemists who create her organic cosmetics under her direction.  On the reverse side of her business card, she lists Harmful Toxins To Avoid When Shopping For Personal Care Items. The list is very handy.  I keep one in my wallet at all times so that I will always have it whenever I am shopping for personal care products.  Here is her list of potentially carcinogenic substances to avoid below.  The toxins listed in red are the worst of them.


Diazolidinyl Urea

Diethanolamine (DEA)



Imidazolidinyl Urea


Mineral Oil

Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, ethyl)



Propylene Glycol

Sulfates (sodium lauryl/laureth)

Synthetic Colorings

Synthetic Fragrances

Triethanomaline (TEA)


I thought our blog readers would be interested in an interview about Be Natural Organics.

Interview with Founder, Joanne O’Donnell

Please tell us about your company, Be Natural Organics, and explain your personal mission.

At Be Natural Organics, our mission is to educate consumers on the importance of toxin-free skin care and to produce high performing botanically active skin care, free of all harmful synthetic chemicals.  Our goal is to be a driving force in the removal of all dangerous toxins commonly used in skin care products.

What is your background and what lead you to this skincare business?

As a skin care professional and the owner of Bloomfield Esthetics Day Spa in West Bloomfield, Michigan, for over 30 years, I am aware of how harmful synthetic toxins commonly used in skin care products can actually cause more damage to the skin than the benefits of the overall product.  Armed with this knowledge, I have been developing and formulating natural skin care products for friends, family, and clients for years.   As the demand grew, I made the decision to expand this side business into a full time career.

What makes your products unique and sets you apart from your competition?

While we are committed to using organic and all-natural ingredients, we do not sacrifice effectiveness.   I have joined forces with highly acclaimed chemists who specialize in anti-aging skin care through the use of live botanical enzymes, plant cultures and plant stem cells.  We incorporate nutrient rich botanicals with the latest technology in peptides, liposomes, and micronutrients to create products that out- perform our chemical-laden counterparts.  Our ability to use plant actives as a natural preservation system has earned us a reputation as one of the most effective, (toxin-free) skin care lines among educated consumers and skin care professionals.

Are your products safe for everyone to use?

Absolutely!   In fact, I am excited to say that we have received our toxicity ratings from The Compact for Safe Cosmetics, a US health and environmental agency dedicated to protecting the health and safety of consumers.  Our products were rated incredibly low, meaning the products are extremely clean and free of toxins.  Product comparisons may be viewed on our website.

Has the recession impacted your business, and if so, how have you adapted?

As people begin to educate themselves about the importance of avoiding harmful toxins, they search for quality, chemical-free products.  As a company less than 4 years old, we are experiencing an incredibly high rate of repeat sales and word of mouth referrals.  I feel the reason for this is twofold: (1) our products are doing what people expect them to do; and (2) our price point ranges from $12.00 to 58.00.

Is there anything you wish people knew about your products that they probably don’t know?

Great care is taken in using the finest ingredients available.  Our ingredients include: organic, wild crafted and Co2 derived plant materials.  We use cold pressed and medicinal grade oils to provide optimal nourishment and repair.  Our products are made fresh, in small batches to preserve bio-active properties.  This is critical when using live botanical enzymes.

What is one of your favorite stories about your company and its impact on customers?

One of my favorite stories about the growth of my company actually centers on my family.  My initial product line was developed for mature skin.  When I began expanding and creating a line to fight acne, I asked my two college-age nieces to help test the products and provide feedback.  They loved helping out with the process and were ecstatic when the final products tremendously improved their skin.  They began sending samples to friends, giving them as gifts, and, without being asked, became my unofficial salesmen.  Soon their friends began contacting me and became customers.  It was so encouraging that not only did the quality of the products speak for itself, but that my family has been so enthusiastic and involved in the company.

Where can people find Be Natural Organics products?

Due to the importance of using fresh botanical enzymes, the product line is strategically placed in locations where I can track product movement and guarantee freshness.   Currently, Be Natural Organics is being sold in naturopathic offices, dermatology offices, organic shops and day spas and in our online store: www.benaturalorganics.com.  All orders placed in our online store receive free shipping.


Be Natural Organics is located across the street from our Orchard Maple Family Dental office at the intersection of Orchard Lake and West Maple Roads, inside the Allure and Bloomfield Esthetics Day Spa in the Maple Orchard Plaza.  It is just east of Orchard Lake Road on West Maple Road on the northeast side of the street.  The business is open Mondays through Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.


Be Natural Organics
Allure and Bloomfield Esthetics Day Spa
Maple Orchard Plaza
5640 West Maple Road, Suite 206
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
(248) 626-1990
Toll-Free: (877) 824-6228


Again, the prices are affordable ranging from $12.00 to $58.00 for products.  Customers are encouraged to sign up for a newsletter when they visit the website at www.benaturalorganics.com so they can receive a 20% discount on their 1st order.  Once customers sign up online for the newsletter, they will be sent a 20% coupon to use either on the website or they can bring the coupon to the day spa for the discount.  In addition, if customers call the office number and let the receptionist know their skin type, the receptionist will have a couple of free samples ready for them to try when they stop by.


Print out the toxic list of substances to avoid and use it while you are shopping for skin care products for your family and friends so you will have the safest items for those you care about.  Visit the website to see an assortment of products.  Or, call for inquiries.  Make Be Natural Organics your main stop for holiday gift items. I have purchased wonderful, products for presents from Joanne O’Donnell over the years.

I am so grateful to have read the article about Joanne back in 2008.  I use her facial products exclusively and definitely see a difference in the results.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Fairest of them All?  You Are!

Yes, You Can Be the Best You Can Be With Be Natural Organics!  


Try these products today.  You will see a difference, immediately, in the appearance of your skin!  It will be like you discovered the Fountain of Youth!  Buy Be Natural Organics for your holidays gifts.  Buy them for yourself.  Joanne O’Donnell is one of our special dental patients at Orchard Maple Family Dental.  Thanks, Joanne!  Happy Holidays!!

Be Natural Organics
Visit the website today, or call, or e-mail Joanne!
Joanne O’Donnell, President
[email protected]
Allure and Bloomfield Esthetics Day Spa
Maple Orchard Plaza
5640 W. Maple Road, Suite 206
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
(248) 626-1990
Toll-Free: (877) 824-6228

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