Changing Lives One Smile at a Time. (1st Blog Post!)

-By Dr. Warren E. Woodruff

I would like to personally welcome you to our website and our blog.  I am excited to use this as a tool to help educate you on the new and exciting changes happening at Orchard Maple Family Dental.  I also would like to use this to expand your knowledge on a variety of topics when it comes to one’s oral health.  Hertha Woodruff, who is my mother and a vegan, has spent over 30 years attending seminars and researching about nutrition.   She will make posts from time to time giving tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through eating properly.  Make sure to check out “Hertha Woodruff’s Vegan Journey” page on the left side of the blog for a background on how and why she became a vegan.  It has some great highly recommended information.

Make sure to stop by the “About This Blog” page on the left side of the blog for more information about the blog and the contributors to it.   Also, don’t forget to “Like Us” on Facebook and to “Follow Us” on Twitter.  If you haven’t already, please go to our “Newsletter” page on our website and sign up your e-mail address for our monthly E-Newsletter.

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I would like to end this post with one of my favorite videos from Youtube.  It is titled Validation.  I love how it demonstrates that when a person smiles and has a positive attitude, their perspective towards everything in life can drastically change for the better.  That’s our goal at Orchard Maple Family Dental.  By transforming your smile, we hope to make a positive impact in all aspects of your life.   We want to be able to give you the confidence to go out and make a difference.

Please feel to leave any questions or comments by clicking on the “comments” link in the bottom right hand corner of this blog entry. This is our way to communicate with you. I hope that you enjoy!

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