ENSURE a Happy Holiday with These Holiday Meal Tips!

By Hertha J. Woodruff, A.M.L.S., M.A. 

I will make this blog post brief since we are in the midst of the holiday rush.  But, this post could make or break your holiday celebration.   Pay close attention!  When preparing for your holiday meals from now until the end of the year and to the beginning of the New Year, consider the following when inviting family and guests to attend.  Be on the alert!  Ask your family and guests if they have any food allergies and food preferences.  We have a niece who has a high sensitivity to peanuts but just learned from her father that it goes beyond peanuts to all nuts, especially pecans and almonds.  I have two dessert recipes that I plan to prepare that have almonds and a spinach salad that is being brought by another family member that has pecans.  To adjust, we will have some alternative desserts for our niece and the other family member will prepare a special spinach salad without pecans especially for our niece.  Otherwise, we may have spent time at the hospital because her reaction to nuts is extreme.  

In addition, we will post the contents of our dishes on our buffet table to alert our family members.  It is also a good idea to ask in advance about food preferences.  There may be vegans who may attend your holiday dinner or persons who do not consume meat.  I have another family member who is allergic to strawberries and trout.  So at Thanksgiving, I eliminated strawberries from my fruit dessert to accommodate her.  I have a third family member who is lactose intolerant and sensitive to carbohydrates.  Must take that into consideration. 

Thus, these are the keys to follow if you are planning a holiday dinner with family and guests:

  1. Ask in advance if anyone has food allergies, sensitivities, or preferences.  Share this with the others who also may be contributing to the holiday meal.
  2. Send your menu via e-mail, or share by text, or phone so everyone is aware.
  3. Label the contents of your recipes on your buffet table so family and guests can read it and then select.

By following these simple keys, your family and guests should have a happy, happy, holiday season!


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