MI Paste: Revolutionary Product to Fight Tooth Sensitivity, Prevent White Spots and Cavities

-By Dr. Warren E. Woodruff

In today’s day and age it seems like everyone is taking more and more supplements instead of medication to stay healthy in a more natural way.  What if I told you that we now have vitamins available for your teeth?

MI Paste and MI Paste Plus are safe and natural ways for you to treat and prevent a variety of potential dental problems.  They include:

  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Prevention During Orthodontic Treatment
  • Acid Erosion
  • Whitening
  • Dry Mouth
  • High Cavity Risk
  • Infants and Children
  • White Spots (active)
  • White Spots (inactive)
  • Oncology
  • Gastric Reflux
  • Polypharmacy

MI Paste is not a replacement for toothpaste but it is to be used in adjunction with it.  I like to call it a “tooth lotion.”  After you finish taking a shower with soap, you apply lotion as a protective barrier for your skin.  MI Paste does the same thing for your teeth.

Dental caries (cavities) is a disease and is caused by the demineralization of enamel.   A diet high in sugar lowers the pH in the oral environment and attacks the enamel causing the beginning stages of decay, often seen as white spots.

Demineralization can result from: cosmetic tooth whitening, excessive acid-producing plaque bacteria due to poor oral hygiene, bad dietary habits such as drinking excessive sodas and sports drinks, medications, dry mouth or conditions leading to reduced salivary flow, and physical or psychological distress.

MI Paste and MI Paste Plus is the only dental product with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP), a special milk-derived protein that is a breakthrough in oral health care in helping to remineralize teeth.  MI Paste and MI Paste Plus are safe for people who are lactose intolerant.  The only people that the product is not recommended for are people who have a true milk protein allergy (very rare) and people who are vegan.

This is a great product for people who have severe tooth sensitivity and over the counter toothpaste products such as Sensodyne don’t seem to be eliminating the discomfort.  Also, if you have dry mouth, this product can naturally supplement and protect your teeth since saliva is no longer having that effect.

I believe that MI Paste is a MUST USE product for everyone currently wearing braces.  It will definitely help to prevent decay and prevent the dreaded permanent white spots that may occur after the removal of one’s orthodontic brackets.  It can easily be applied using a brush.

MI Paste and MI Paste plus can be applied at home and/or at our dental office.  Every case is unique and we will determine the proper course of action during your exam.  Please let us know at your next visit at Orchard Maple Family Dental that you are interested in MI Paste and we will be happy to create the best custom plan for your needs.

For more information, please visit the MI Paste website at: www.mi-paste.com

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