Our King of Hearts: Omega-3s!


-By Hertha J. Woodruff, A.M.L.S., M.A.

Here are some quick, simple nutritional tips to help boost your cardiovascular health.  Consuming foods with Omega-3s fatty acids daily will assist you in reaching optimal, heart health plus provide protein.  Here are some options of plant-based foods with Omega-3s that contain fiber.  Fiber is excellent for digestion, blood sugar and heart health.  Omega-3s also provide a bonus for brain health too.



  • Sprinkle ¼ cup over hot oatmeal or cold cereal.
  • Stir ¼ cup into yogurt.
  • For an on the run breakfast, place ¼ cup and a handful of fresh blueberries in a Ziploc bag.
  • Add ¼ cup to salads.
  • Add a handful to veggie stir-fries or to roasted vegetables.
  • Process 1 cup in a food processor to make walnut butter.  Add a little ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and some juice from a fresh orange for a bit of sweetness.  Spread walnut butter on fresh apple slices or on celery stalks.


1-2 Tablespoons of Ground Flaxseeds, or Ground Chia Seeds, or Shelled Hemp Seeds:

  • Add to smoothies.
  • Add to juices.
  • Sprinkle on hot oatmeal or cold cereal.
  • Stir into yogurt.
  • Add to homemade salad dressings made in a food processor.
  • Sprinkle on salads.
  • Sprinkle on vegetable stir-fries or on roasted vegetables.
  • Sprinkle on a baked potato or baked sweet potato.


To good health!  Enjoy!

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