Quenching Your Thirst

-By Hertha J. Woodruff, A.M.L.S., M.A.

One misconception that many people have is that there are many beverages out there, besides water, that are suitable as healthy alternatives.  I have to admit that before I became more educated on the topic, I fell into this category as well.  When my children were in elementary school, I used to pack juice boxes with their lunches thinking that it would be a good choice for them because they were advertised as nutritional drinks with vitamins and minerals.  At home I would have juice available instead of pop thinking that I was making a wiser decision.  Later, after learning how to decipher food labels, I realized that juice contained many teaspoons of sugar, per serving, which can not only be hazardous to teeth but also to overall health.  When my children went to middle school, I made the plunge into only offering water as our sole beverage at home.  Drinking water became a habit.  At the time, it was even stylish to sport an Evian water bottle around peers as a symbol of Cool.  Even today, our family’s main beverage is water.  This blog post will discuss how drinking water benefits our bodies.  In addition, the quality of water to be consumed will be examined.

Water, the Basis of Life

Nutritionists recommend that humans should consume 8 to 16 or more ounces of pure water upon rising after a full night of sleep.  A morning cup of coffee can dehydrate or juice may contain too much sugar.  The human body is 75% water.  Water is desperately needed for thinking and to help major body organs function properly.  A leading authority on water was the late Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, a Persian physician, who spent many years researching water (The Water Cure and Interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj). Water helps the brain to reach its optimal level.  Students perform better on examinations by drinking water.  Often individuals may think that they are hungry for food consumption but it could simply be dehydration where only water is needed.  According to Weight Watchers, water helps everyone to metabolize food and lose weight.  It can even alleviate joint pain and other ailments in the body.  Weight Watchers also suggests drinking at least 6 to 8 cups of water daily.   Only water is needed by the human body as a primary beverage.  Other drinks are secondary.

For further information on the benefits of water, please refer to: http://www.cellhealthmakeover.com/water.html

The Quality of Water

With water being considered an essential beverage to drink, what quality of water should be consumed?  Some may choose to have their home water purified to eliminate possible impurities and toxins.  One reputable company in the Detroit metropolitan area is United Standard Systems, 248-594-4500. The owner and president is Thomas Lee.  I had a home system from this company installed on my drinking water and general water about three years ago.  The company was recommended by my holistic doctor team, Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, Michigan. My family has been satisfied with the addition.  We have the purification system connected to our refrigerator and have a spicket on our kitchen for instant hot water and cool drinking water. We also have it connected to our shower, bath and facebowl faucets along with our washing machine line. This action has made a positive difference in our lives.

Others may wish to purchase alkaline water to improve the quality of water that they are drinking. Alkaline water helps to improve the body’s pH factor and to make the body less acidic which will keep the body healthy and free from illness. Here is a short video discussing the benefits of drinking alkaline water.  For more information, please go here: Learn How Alkaline Water Can Help You Live A Healthy Lifestyle!


There are companies that will deliver water in jugs on a schedule to homes.  There is a company in Las Vegas called Silver Springs Water that provides this service to a friend of mine. Or, there are conversion machines that can be purchased for the home to convert tap water to alkaline water.  An alkaline water distributor based locally in Michigan is Kangen Water.  Kangen Water has local distributors.  Special thanks to our blog reader, Lissa Zack LoVasco, of Salon Tress in Farmington Hills, Michigan. 

Whole Foods Market and Plum Market have water that can be purchased called reversed osmosis water that is a better quality of water for drinking. Some prefer to go that route. It cost around 55 to 65 cents to fill a gallon jug. How does reverse osmosis work?

Some wish to drink water only from natural springs which supply essential minerals.  A leading raw food author and lecturer, David Wolfe, only drinks spring water.  I attended his seminar, David Wolfe RAW, over the weekend of August 6-7, 2011, in Royal Oak, Michigan, organized by raw food chef, Andrea McNinch, (www.how2eatraw.com). David Wolfe suggested to the seminar attendees to search online through FindASpring.com.  I went on a wild goose chase to find a local spring but found that it had been shut down and reopened with only city water being pumped from its source. I would highly recommend that you inquire before you drink the water from a natural spring. Ask some of the surrounding residents and businesses. I asked a nearby business and at the town’s Chamber of Commerce about this local spring. So, I left with empty water jugs. The FindASpring.com website offers information and locations of springs from around the world.  I suggest that you check it out.  It is very interesting. Natural spring sources are very healthy for the body.

We are so fortunate to live in the glorious state of Michigan that is surrounded by the beautiful Great Lakes which are the greatest, natural resource of fresh water in the United States.  My husband and I spent the 2011 Memorial Day weekend on one of the Great Lakes we had not explored before, Lake Huron, at a fantastic bed and breakfast, Adventure Inn Bed and Breakfast. Our Great Lakes appear to be oceans at a glance. They have waves like oceans and nothing to see across the horizon but an abundance of fresh water.  Growing up, my family owned a cottage overlooking Lake Erie from a cliff in Ontario, Canada.  Our Great Lakes are spectacular and refreshing. So let’s take advantage of God’s gift to our region.  Quench your thirst!

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To read about my journey to becoming a vegan, please go here: Hertha Woodruff’s Vegan Journey

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