Snap-On Smile: Creating A Brand New Smile in 1 Month!


-By Dr. William H. Woodruff

What if I told you that there were a way to improve your entire smile completely in one month?  What if I also told you that I could do this without touching your natural teeth with a drill, without any shots, without adhesives and for a fraction of the cost of permanent restorations?  If this sounds impossible, think again.  I would like to introduce you to Snap-On Smile, the appliance that has not only been improving smiles, but has been boosting the confidence and self-esteem of patients in life changing ways.

Snap-On Smile is a non-invasive, reversible, affordable approach to restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  It was invented by a restorative dentist in New York named Dr. Marc Leiechtung who recognized that not all patients could receive permanent improvements to their smiles and overall health with dental restorations such as crowns, veneers and implants.  He wanted to create an attractive, comfortable and affordable solution that was easy for patients to use and clean.

After eight years of research, he created the patented Snap-On Smile appliance that simply snaps in and out over patients’ natural teeth.  Made of very thin, but extremely strong, specialized resin that resists staining, Snap-On Smile can be used for years or worn as a preview and covering over ongoing dental restorations.  It should never come loose or fall out.  It also can be worn while eating. The customized appliance is available for upper and lower teeth and is easy to care for with a special Snap-On Smile Care Kit that comes with your Snap-On Smile appliance.

I have been providing Snap-On Smile at Orchard Maple Family Dental to patients for approximately five years and have found it to be an exhilarating experience.  In the five-year span, I have placed a Snap-On Smile on over 300 patients.  The insertion appointment is always an exciting day for me and my staff because of the patients’ enthusiasm to have their smiles improved.  Once the Snap-On Smile is placed in the mouth, patients are ecstatic because life will never be the same.

If you have a wedding, job interview, class reunion, or a social engagement, a Snap-On Smile could be a quick and easy solution to improving your appearance.  Snap-On Smile can last for years and is very affordable.  It has also proven to be a terrific incentive for patients who are in need of but are hesitant to commit to more involved restorative treatment.  Snap-On Smile appliance is ideal for those patients considering a more permanent restoration like veneers or crowns, which allows them to take their new smile for a test drive.  For others, Snap-On Smile gives them options they never had before.

Getting a Snap-On Smile simply requires two short, noninvasive appointments.  The first appointment consists of us taking impressions of your teeth and you picking out the perfect shape and color of teeth for your Snap-On Smile.  The next appointment, which is about a month later, is the delivery of the Snap-On Smile.

If you don’t want to go another day without a beautiful smile, Snap-On Smile is for you!  We look forward to seeing you and your brand new smile soon!  Please give us a call at 248-851-2876 to set up a consultation appointment to see if you are a candidate for Snap-On Smile.

For more detailed information regarding Snap-On Smile, please visit the Snap-On Smile page of our website by clicking here: Snap-On Smile at Orchard Maple Family Dental


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