Your Sugar Pretest, Part I of III

-By Hertha J. Woodruff, A.M.L.S., M.A.

With Easter and Passover on the horizon, I felt it would be best to address the specific topic of sugar.  There are so many sugary cookies, cakes, pies, candies, and other treats that will be in our midst over the next two weeks to celebrate these festive, spring holidays.

If you have never been taught how to read the sugar grams on a food label on a packaged food item like cereal or candy, this is how it is done:

One gram of sugar equals one fourth of a teaspoon of sugar.  I learned this about eight years ago in Las Vegas when I was listening in the car to a health related radio program.  Since then I have seen it confirmed in several sources that I have read.  So let’s look at a bottle of pop or soda which pop is called in some areas of our country.  You may see that there are 32 grams of sugar on the food label under sugar grams, (Sugars 32 g). Divide 32 by 4 and you will get 8.  That means that when you drink one serving, which could be one cup of the pop or soda in that bottle, that you are you are ingesting 8 teaspoons of sugar. Most people will generally drink more than one cup at a time.  Think about this closely.  You could be drinking 16 to 32 teaspoons of pop/soda at one sitting! That is a lot of sugar!!

I will be doing more than one post on sugar because it is an important topic.  I just wanted you first to become aware of the amount of sugar you are consuming over the next two weeks.  Here is your sugar pretest below.   I am an educator.  Pretests are used to measure how much knowledge students may know on a particular topic before a teacher proceeds to teach a new concept or subject.  My sugar pretest is going to be used to make you aware of what you are inadvertently eating.  I am doing this prior to the actual Easter and Passover holidays so that you will be aware and gain control.  My second sugar post will specify the hazards that sugar has on the human body.


Your Sugar Pretest

Directions:  Print out this sugar pretest and record the estimated amount of sugar you are consuming over the next two weeks.  Be honest with yourself.  This sugar pretest may turn your life around.  You will be doing a sugar post-test in part 2 of my sugar post which will be out later in April.

1. How much pop/soda do you consume on a daily and weekly basis?


2. How much bottled juice or juice by the carton do you consume on a daily and weekly basis?


3. What foods do you eat for snacks in between meals?  How often during the day?


4. Do you eat dessert, order pop/soda, or juice at lunch time, or for dinner at restaurants?  What desserts do you like to order?  How often do you eat out at restaurants?  Daily? Weekly?


5. What do you grab and buy to eat as a snack in the checkout line of a grocery store?  How often do you do this?  Daily? Weekly? Biweekly? Monthly?


6. Do you buy snack food in the snack food aisle of the grocery store? If so, what do you purchase?  How often do you buy these items during the week?


7. How often do you visit a fast food restaurant during the week to purchase food? What sweets and pop/soda do you buy?


8. When you are at the mall, what sweets or beverages do you buy at the food court?  How often do you do this during the week? Monthly?


9. What do you buy in vending machines?  How often?  Daily, Weekly?


10. During happy hours or out at night clubs or bars, what beverages do you order?  How often do you consume these beverages during the week or monthly?


11. What do you buy at concession stands at movie theaters, at sporting events, or at concerts to eat?  How often do you do this?


12. What are your favorite Easter or Passover treats that you plan to eat this week and next?



Happy Easter!  Happy Passover!   Stay tuned to my second post on sugar that examines the hazards of sugar consumption.  Did you watch the CBS 60 Minutes special, “Is Sugar Toxic?” on Sunday, April 1?  It will be discussed in my next post.

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