Notes From VegFest 2013

-By Hertha J. Woodruff, A.M.L.S., M.A.

On Sunday, April 21, 2013, the 2013 VegFest was held at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. The keynote speaker was the renowned Dr. Neal Barnard who was introduced by cardiologist, Dr. Joel Kahn, of the Detroit Medical Center.  Dr. Neal Barnard who promotes a plant-based diet introduced his new book, Power Foods for the Brain: An Effective 3 Step Plan to Protect Your Mind and Strengthen Your Memory.  I was delighted to hear Dr. Neal Barnard speak since he is the reason I have chosen the vegan lifestyle from his course that I took at the Whole Foods Market in West Bloomfield, Michigan, based on his book The Survivor’s Handbook: Eating Right for Cancer Survival. My husband and I took this class to assist my mother, Hertha Priest Jenkins, when she was terminally ill with cancer in 2006.    

Cardiologist, Dr. Joel Kahn,, just wrote an article that describes important needed supplements for vegans. Here is a link to his May 22, 2013, online article.  This article is a must-read for all vegans!  I recently learned about the Taurine supplement from another source in the health world.


What Crepe owner, Paul Jenkins, Jr., enjoying a bite to eat at his restaurant.

John Salley spoke also at the VegFest.  I had the opportunity to see him afterwards in Ann Arbor at an afterglow at the What Crepe restaurant that is owned by my nephew, Paul Jenkins, Jr.  This is the third location for What Crepe.  Paul Jenkins, Jr., has other What Crepe restaurants in Royal Oak, Michigan, and also in Birmingham, Michigan.  It is worth a visit to one of his restaurants for both the ambiance of the decor and the fresh, healthy food.  He does serve gluten free and vegan crepe options.  The food is topnotch!  Check it out!

John Salley was at What Crepe in Ann Arbor promoting his new partnership with the Clos LaChance Winery in California that produces The Vegan Vine, a wine produced from organic grapes without using animal ingredients during the processing such as Isinglass, Gelatin, Albumin, or Caseins.  The wines are superb!  You can order his vegan wines online at


Hertha Woodruff, John Salley and Dr. William Woodruff at What Crepe restaurant in Ann Arbor.

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