Is Your Body the Perfect Host for the Big “C?” Yes, Cancer! Part II: Wheatgrass

-By Hertha J. Woodruff, A.M.L.S., M.A.

As Elvis would say, Viva Las Vegas!  I am writing this blog from sunny Las Vegas.  Autumn is a suitable time to visit this popular Southwest spot.  The sun is more merciful than it is in the summer and late spring when the scorching temperatures exceed 100 degrees.

My Cancer series continues with Part II that will focus on the healing powers of wheatgrass.  In Part I, to review, I discussed the importance of balancing pH to maintain optimal health and to prevent common ailments, such as colds/flu, and more serious maladies, such as cancer.  The key is to strive to become more alkaline and less acidic which can occur from consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Several days ago when I traveled by air from Detroit to Las Vegas, I was eating on the run at the airport and from snacks on the plane during the four-hour flight.  After landing, I noticed that I was experiencing a bit of nasal congestion and found my energy zapped.  I measured my pH on a test strip from Omica Organics,, and discovered that my pH level had dropped from an ideal level, four steps, toward acidity.  So, I immediately made a point to get back on track.  I went to Whole Foods Market in Las Vegas at Town Square and bought fresh produce that included lots of green leafy vegetables. This Whole Foods Market even has a fresh juice bar where you can order smoothies and green juices along with vegan foods to go if you don’t have time to prepare.  A couple of days later, my pH level began to rise back towards normal. This is such a simple way to keep track.  Have you measured your pH level lately?


Juice bar at Whole Foods Market

I also visited one of my favorite eateries, Go Raw Café,  There are westside and eastside locations.  It is authentically vegan and a delight for me when I am in Las Vegas.  I ordered a green drink, a raw meal and a soup for dinner. Check it out when you are in Las Vegas.

Three weeks ago I attended a lecture on wheatgrass juicing at the Whole Foods Market in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  The presenter was Anca Iordachianu, an immigrant to our country from Romania.  Anca sensitively discussed to our group how she persistently searched and found the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida to have an alternative plan to fully heal herself from breast cancer after she had taken chemotherapy and radiation treatments. After completing the three-week program that concentrated on wheatgrass juicing as well as sprout juicing, she was completely healed and no longer had to take medication.  If you visit her website at, you will find valuable information such as the numerous benefits of wheatgrass, upcoming Michigan lectures that she will be conducting and other related classes, and details on purchasing a superb variety of wheatgrass that she and her husband grow in their home in Clarkston, Michigan, and deliver weekly to homes in the northern suburbs of Detroit.  In addition, she recommends the best juicers for wheatgrass and green leafy vegetable juicing. You can even purchase some from her website.  I ordered one of her suggestions.  In fact, she was using it to demonstrate wheatgrass juicing. It is the Omega juicer.   It was delivered to my home a week and a half ago and after using it, I was very pleased.  This is my fourth juicer over the years. It is topnotch since it thoroughly extracts juice from wheatgrass and other leafy greens.  It has a mastigating blade not a centrifugal one.  The clean-up is a snap, taking less than two minutes.  I recommend the Omega juicer if you are in the market for one.

Gabriel and Anca Iordachianu holding home grown wheatgrass.  If you live in Metro Detroit and are interested in purchasing wheatgrass, please visit their website:  (photo courtesy of

Anca cautions everyone who is new to wheatgrass consumption. Wheatgrass is very potent!  It could cause one to become nauseous especially if the Standard American Diet (SAD) is the norm. This process is called detoxing, eliminating the toxins from the body.  It is best to try only one ounce at first and to gradually build up to two ounces. The maximum suggested amount is just four ounces per day, drinking two ounces in the morning and two ounces in the afternoon or evening.

Consider wheatgrass as a regular health tonic that with energize your body and ward off dreaded diseases. Wheatgrass is high in chlorophyll and contains numerous vitamins, minerals plus amino acids. Wheatgrass is a powerful healer.

Look forward to Part III of the Cancer series that will discuss Victoria Boutenko and her green smoothie revolution.


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