We truly appreciate the generous compliments we receive from our patients at Orchard Maple Family Dental.

“Orchard Maple Family Dental is a unique organization that provides an experience far beyond what you will expect. Upon walking into the office, you immediately feel like you are among friends and family. The staff is competent and friendly. The waiting area is setup to allow the children and adults to relax. Your appointment time is respected and you can be sure you will be seen by the best professionals in Michigan (Maybe the Country). It seems like they have taken great care to ensure everyone is highly trained and compassionate. The many people I have referred over the years have always come back to me to say thank you. They indicated that they received a well balanced service and a fair price. They usually say they had a complete understanding of the procedures and the cost before any work was done. I am aware of at least 3 people that have traveled from Atlanta to ensure their dental work was completed correctly. My personal experience with Orchard Maple Family Dental spans over 30 years, and I have always been very satisfied. My family, wife and 4 children, received excellent service over the years. I have referred my mother and father for dental service. At times I have used the different options they offer to pay for the service my insurance did not cover. In closing, my recent visits ensure me that the same high caliber service continues with Dr. William Woodruff and the entire staff. Their compassionate service covers all areas of dental need. I will continue referring anyone that needs a good dentist to Orchard Maple Family Dental.” – David H.

“My family and I have been going to Dr William Woodruff for many years. Him and his staff are very professional, and warm. Dental work for me is very stressful, knowing that, going to Orchard Maple Family Dental makes me at ease and for me, Dr. William Woodruff always gives me what I need that same day. So when i have to have something major done, he tells me as he’s doing it. No runaway patient for me! And that is exactly what i need, some dental words and procedures are scary and to schedule a return appt for me is almost like saying, see ya next year! I love and respect the entire staff! And did I mention, not only are they great for a big scary cat like me, they are AWESOME with the children. Gotta love a place like that.” – Kai J.

“I am a long time loyal patient of Orchard Maple Family Dentistry. My three daughters and I have been satisfied patrons of dental care here for many years. The staff is pleasant and professional at every appointment. The office environment is always welcoming for young kids and seasoned adults as well. If ever there’s a problem, Dr. Woodruff will personally seek to address it (even from his vacation spots). OMF dental has recently added two outstanding new doctors who are carrying that friendly professionalism to even greater heights! Kudos to this fine establishment for the excellent care they provide to this community!” – Valerie W.

“It had been years since I had seen a dentist, and I was long overdue for not only a dental hygienist but the services of a dentist which I knew would involve numerous dental repairs. I had become ashamed of my smile due to the lack of some of my teeth and the condition of the remaining teeth. Due to such shame, I had mastered the art of a closed-mouth smile. Initially, when I phoned Orchard Maple Family Dental, I had every intention of purchasing the snap-on-smile which I knew they offered. Upon phoning the office, I was immediately greeted by one of the professional and courteous staff members who set an appointment for my consult with Dr. William Woodruff. Dr. Woodruff listened patiently without judgment as I fumbled through the various excuses I offered for presenting such a neglected mouth. He was confident that he could make the necessary dental repairs that would take care of my much-needed dental work and bring back my opened-mouth smile. He offered me an affordable plan for a million-dollar smile, and the work began. When I was a small snagged-tooth child, I would sing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” This Christmas I am receiving my two front teeth and more. I am so happy. I would highly recommend Orchard Maple Family Dental. I am thankful for the day I picked up the telephone and gave the office a call. I know you will be too. Come join the Orchard Maple Family Dental. Dr. Woodruff and his wonderful staff have become my new BFF (Best Family Forever). They are a family dental group, which I know means that they will treat whole families, but they will also truly welcome you, and you will become a member of Orchard Maple Family Dental, which for me was a much-needed warm feeling I had never felt before from a dental office.” – Clara S.

“I switched dentists to find an office closer to my house and I couldn’t have been more happy with the decision. The staff was very welcoming and attentive and answered all of my questions readily. As a new patient, I was treated very well and introduced to all the staff and informed on what the office offers. I received reminder phone calls about my appointment and I didn’t have a long wait before I was called. I would highly recommend Dr. Woodruff to anyone looking for a great dental experience.” – Rod

“If you are transferring from another state or area, Orchard Maple Family Dental should be your consideration. I am a local Real Estate Agent, whenever I am working with a family moving into the area, I always refer them to Dr. Woodruff and his team. All have been very pleased with the on time appointments, professionalism, knowledge, state of the art equipment and personal service. The staff members are friendly and professional as well. Orchard Maple Dental treats you as if you are family. My family have been loyal customers for years. It’s also a friendly environment for young kids, there are video games in the waiting area for them to enjoy. Now that you have read all the reviews, pick up the phone and make your appointment, you will not be dissappointed. Whenever I find a place that offers excellent service, I am an advocate for them.” – Tanji G.

“An exceptional dental experience! I had been putting off going to the dentist for years because of past bad experiences. The thought of “pain” kept me away. I was forced to find a dentist because of some major work that had to be done. I finally found the most patient and caring dentist in the world. Dr. Woodruff and his staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable with my procedure. I never would have believed that I’d actually enjoy a visit to the dentist.” – Evelyn M.

“My Family and I are so pleased with our services we receive at Dr. Woodruff’s office! We always leave feeling that he and his staff CARE for our well being as well as our Dental Needs! Customer Service is GREAT, Staff members are always well groomed and professional. Very Clean Facility… I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND (and I do on a regular basis! ) Great Job… PLEASED!! 10 STARS!!” – Carmen Maranda

“My daughter had two teeth loose. She was in a lot of pain and it was difficult for her to eat. I called Orchard Maple Family Dental and was seen within 20 minutes of making my phone call. Dr. Woodruff took such wonderful care of my baby.” – Lauren

“Each time my family has visited, we have been greeted warmly, serviced timely and showered with exceptional care. This is by far one of the best dental organizations we have frequented.” – Mosetta C.

“Orchard Maple Family Dental really places the emphasis on “family” and delivers excellent service. Everyone on staff greets you with a friendly smile. The whole atmosphere is calm and welcoming. The icing on the cake is the complimentary bouquet of flowers available to patients when they leave. I initially went to Dr. Woodruff to make sure I went to an experienced and competent dentist. I keep going twice a year because I am a member of the “family”.” – Carolyn B.

“My dentist retired and my new dentist told me my crown would not go on anymore and to pull the tooth. He left me with no crown over the holidays. Dr Woodruff reglued the crown with the proper fit and said no problem if he had to make a new crown. He informed me the crown was not prepped properly. Dr Woodruff, bless you and you are our new family dentist! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxx” – Kathy

“As a patron of Orchard Maple Family Dental for over 20 years, I am continuously impressed by the high level of quality service I receive. Upon entering Orchard Maple Family Dental, I am greeted by welcoming/professional receptionists who always personalize my trip to the dentist. In addition to overall service, Dr William Woodruff, is an exceptional dentist who is an expert in his field. From zoom whitening to crown lengthening as well as regular dental services, the staff at Orchard Maple Family Dental have not only improved my smile, but changed my life. Orchard Maple Family Dental is more than just a dental office; it is a family. If you’re looking for a professional, caring and highly skilled staff, I highly recommend their services.” – Brittany L.

“Orchard Maple Family Dental is a gem within this community. The staff is highly professional and courteous. Every aspect of the practice is geared toward customer satisfaction. The schedule is quite flexible; the office is even opened on Saturdays. You are in and out within a reasonable amount of time for appointments. The hygenists are well trained and knowledgeable and make the patients feel at ease. They are very effective in letting the dentist know exactly what is going on with the patient so as to allow for efficiency and a smooth continuum of care. My family and I have been patients for years and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. I know that we are in good hands when we enter the doors of Orchard Maple Family Dental. I highly recommend Dr. Woodruff and his staff.” – Patricia I.

“On Thursday, March 12, 2008, I had my initial visit to Orchard Maple Family Dental. Dr. Woodruff and his dedicated staff made it an extremely pleasant experience for me.I must admit, since I was coming to a new dentist, I was a bit apprehensive even though I don’t have a fear of dentists. As a first-time patient, I truly appreciated the time you took to consult with me, your attention to my dental concerns and your professional opinions. Your dental hygienist, Tarin, did an absolutely excellent job, your office manager was very helpful and the flowers and dental “goodie bag” certainly added a very unique touch. Upon leaving your office, I was extremely pleased that I had chosen you for my dental services. I wouldn’t hesitate, for a moment, to recommend your office to anyone seeking professional and competent dental care.

May your staff be richly blessed with divine abundance in every area of your lives. Thank you for making my first visit to your office a memorable one!!” – Loretta J.

“Great Dentist Office: This is a great dentist office with a very professional, clean atmosphere and a wonderful staff that makes you feel comfortable – even though you are at most people’s least favorite place. I was seen promptly, treated with care and even received flowers and balloons when I left. A 1 service.” – Yahoo Review by User: Devoted2Yours

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. William Woodruff’s for over 20 years, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had anything other than positive experiences with this practice. Orchard Maple Family Dental boasts a warm, yet knowledgeable staff that seamlessly guides you through your entire process, irrespective of whether you are there for a mere dental cleaning or more advanced surgery such as a root canal. If you have children, you’ll be pleased to know that the office has an inviting waiting room, complete with a television and video games to keep the little ones occupied. In the event that you’re there for an ordinary dental cleaning, you’ll be quickly ushered to one of the dental hygiene stations, where one of the dental hygienists will work diligently (yet gently) to clean and polish your teeth, bringing out the brightest smile possible. Subsequent to your cleaning, you’ll be seen by one of the doctors, who will double-check your mouth just to make sure that you’re cavity free, inform you of any optional procedures that are available and generally answer any questions that you might have about your dental health. I have always known Dr. William Woodruff to be able to see patients in an expeditious, yet careful manner. Perhaps the most telling thing about this practice is that it takes the ordinarily dreaded trip to the dentist’s office and turns it into a positive experience. Personally, I no longer live in Michigan, but because of my past experiences with Orchard Maple Family Dental, I continue to have all of my dental work done there, simply scheduling my appointments for cleanings, fillings, etc. whenever I’m in the metropolitan Detroit area visiting family members. I strongly encourage you to visit Dr. Woodruff today!” – Justin L.

“Dreams do come true…. My dream and prayer of getting rid of the teeth that have to come out and the ones that need to be cleaned for over 20 years will be no longer. Because of you, my dentist/friend, I will be able to have the bridge that I’ve needed for so long. Dr. Woodruff has helped me for so many years with my teeth and payment plans. You are a Godsend! May our Father, God, continue to be with you, your practice, your staff, family and friends. I have always remembered you in my daily prayers.” – Nicholee A.

“Orchard Maple Family Dental is a very professional business and I have enjoyed coming to your office to have my teeth cared for. You go the “extra mile” in making your patients feel appreciated. I hope that you continue to be blessed with years of success.” – Charlene R.

“I was fed up with constantly switching dentists and dissatisfied until I came to Orchard Maple Family Dental. They provided me with the most exceptional service that I have EVER received from a dentist or a medical doctor. The staff was very professional, they were very efficient, the office was first class, they explained everything in detail as far as dental procedures and costs. Everything happened like clockwork. I was very impressed! Jane did an excellent job on my cleaning as well.” – Yolanda J.

“I can truly say that my dental experience has been one of complete and total satisfaction. The entire experience was handled with professional services from the beginning until the end. I recommend anyone who is looking for the VIP service from a dentist to come here to Orchard Maple Family Dental to get it. You won’t be sorry that you did. I wasn’t, I’m very satisfied.” Sherri